We met Becky about 4 years ago and we knew that if we ever needed to buy or sell a house we would work with her. We shared with her our real estate dream and we were ok to wait until everything aligned. We thought that we would buy a larger home and move out and then sell our current home. We finally found the perfect home in the Gold Coast of Alameda and Becky recommended that, as a strategy, we write an offer 2 days before the set offer date. Becky worked behind the scenes with the listing agent and we came to terms with the seller and made the property PENDING before the offer date. Becky assured us that we didn’t over-pay to make this happen. She was right—our appraisal came back even higher than what we paid! A slight curve-ball ~ our lender told us that we would need to be in contract to sell our current home (with a non-contingent offer) BEFORE we closed on our purchase, so our plans had to quickly change. Becky assured us that she could make it happen and mapped out a new plan that included “stay-staging” our current house and going live on the market while we went out of town for the weekend. She had a pricing strategy and a goal that was 25% higher, and we were nervous but we trusted her. Becky had us pending with a non-contingent offer at the exact goal number within 3 days! We moved into our “new” house and then our “old” house closed the next day. Becky was creative, strategic, and always optimistic and we all worked great together. We are happy to have her as our Realtor and our friend. —Sean & Daria

We found The Cusack Group after researching recently sold homes in Alameda. Their listings stood out with great marketing material, staging and most important great sold price. Selling our waterfront condo in Alameda wasn’t the biggest real estate deal in Becky’s career but that didn’t stop her from treating us like royalty. She immediately saw the potential of our remodeled condo, we strategized about targeted audience, listing timing, discussed how to execute marketing and deal with recent low valued comps. The whole Cusack Group is amazing, everyone is an A+ team player and they executed flawlessly. We crushed the comps and hit our goal plus $100,000. Staging was perfect and the listing looked incredible. Becky even got us a back up offer, to effectively eliminate any risk to our listing.

Becky was amazing throughout the whole process and we always felt that she put in extra effort to keep us well informed of what’s going on. She will work extra hard to earn you trust and not just expect it or take it for granted. The only thing we regret is not having more real estate to sell that we could entrust to Becky. —Aleks & Ema

We partnered with Becky in a long term strategy to upgrade to a better home. We were willing to be patient and wait for the right opportunity, and Becky was on-board for the journey with us. We planned to sell our current home once we had moved into our new place. We finally found the perfect place and Becky was strategic in helping us write and submit an offer the day before offers were due and we got it accepted! Becky then came to us with a plan that could save us a lot of money. She proposed that we prepare to sell our current house while we were on vacation the following week—she said that the market was HOT and that she thought that if we moved quickly we could get $100,000 more than we initially thought and that if we waited, that might not be the case. In just 1 day, Becky utilized her network to bring us a non-contingent offer with a rent-back that would allow us to close at our target price on our current home, allowing us to secure a more favorable mortgage and avoid a costly bridge loan. We loved working with Becky and consider her a friend and valued counselor. She is strategic, organized, tenacious, and strikes the perfect balance between listening to your needs and challenging assumptions to expand options we didn’t know were possible. We cannot recommend Becky enough!” —Mark & Heather

We called Becky with a big dream, hoping that she could help us make it happen. It was complex and involved us writing a contingent offer on a new house and hopefully selling our current house for a price above any of the comps we’d seen and in a very short period of time. Becky assured us that she could make it happen and we trusted her and she over-delivered! Becky and her team “stay staged” our house and we had 2 offers after 1 day on the market that were $70k over the closest comparable sales in our area. She worked with us on the timeline and tracked it closely so we could make both our sale and our new home purchase line up perfectly, which it did! We are confident that no matter how complex a real estate situation is, Becky can handle it and stay calm throughout the process!” —Megan & Paul B.

We contacted Becky 8 months before we intended to move out of state so we could make a plan. Becky helped us strategize on the timing of the sale to ensure that we could stay in the house until our kids were out of school, and sell it while we lived there. We did the small amount of updates that Becky recommended, executed the plan she laid out, and we hit our goal plus $100,000! Her team was helpful and “stay staged” our home, which was great, but the real value came in the final hours when the negotiation was happening with our buyer. Becky helped us to calmly navigate an intense negotiation process and in the end got us an even higher price and minimized our risks. She listened to us, advocated for us, and proved that she can be tough (while still being polite) when she needs to be!” —Calie & Kevin D.

An investor approached me about buying my home of over 30 years and offered me what I thought was a fair price. I decided to run it by a Real Estate Professional to make sure my interests were protected. I partnered with Becky and she assured me that we would be strategic in minimizing my risk. The investor wrote me an offer that contained several contingencies. Becky told me that if I wanted to go with this offer, she would protect my interests all the way through and she did. The investor told us it would be seamless and easy, but when it became evident that the investor was not operating in good faith, Becky had the paperwork buttoned up so carefully that I was able to issue a cancellation and get out of the agreement. Becky and I quickly pivoted together to execute our backup plan. My new goal was to get top dollar for my home even if it took some time. I put a small amount of money into prepping the house (less than $10k) and then put the house fully on the market in order to determine its true market value. Becky estimated this to be $300,000+ over what the investor had offered, but after we went through the whole process we ended up getting about $500,000 more! Becky and I were aligned every step of the way. Her support and guidance through a multi-step process brought us to a successful close and I am confident that Becky is capable of handling the most complex real estate situations with professionalism and grace. Becky really delivered for me. She and I have a mutual respect for each other and we will be friends for many years to come!” —Hank A.

Our goal was to sell our Alameda home and buy something in the Oakland Hills with a guest space and maybe even a view. We knew that we wanted an experienced agent who understood the Alameda market, but also knew Oakland, and we wanted to make sure that that agent would be engaged with us throughout our process, being a partner and primary if not sole point of contact. Becky was the best fit for us because she had experience with buying and selling in both Alameda and Oakland and had recently helped a few families to make the same move. She promised us that she would be with us all the way through, and she definitely delivered on that promise. We originally planned to buy before selling, but as the market became more and more a “Seller’s Market”, Becky presented us with a creative strategy for selling our home while we lived there with relatively little fuss, and then buying after that. Although we were not as familiar with this path, Becky gave us confidence that we had a great shot at finding not just any home but THE right home for us within a timeframe that would avoid having to make a temporary move. We toured a lot of houses and even wrote a few offers—learning every step of the way—and Becky was very strategic in helping position us to be the winning bidder on each offer we wrote. In addition, Becky always represented us in a professional and solution-oriented way throughout everything. In the end, things worked out remarkably—Becky leveraged her relationship with a selling agent to get us a sneak peek at a house that was still being prepped for market. We toured it that day, loved it, wrote a strategic and creative offer, and were in contract that night. Becky stayed positive and made the process fun. We shared a lot of laughs over the course of the journey, and now we know that we have a friend and real estate resource for life.” —Brooke & Alan A.

We contacted Becky because we were looking for a creative way to sell our home while we lived in it. Becky helped us to make a plan for selling the house off-market with very little inconvenience to us and our 3 animals. She did a full analysis of the market and of our property and told us how much she thought we could get for it and what work we would need to do to hit this lofty goal. We wanted to get top dollar, but didn’t want to invest any more money than we had to. Becky told us about what she calls the “sweet spot”—the exact right amount of work to do—and mapped out a selling strategy, saying we deserved to have the stars align for us and that she was confident she could make that happen. We trusted Becky and her team and we went for it! Becky sold our house off-market in 1 day for $25,000 over our top goal and brought us a non-contingent offer with a no-cost rent-back so we could stay even after escrow closed. She negotiated and navigated everything and made it easy for us. Becky always stayed positive and aligned with us, and she communicated with us often and happily answered any of our questions. Becky helped us transition to our next phase and we are happy that we chose her as our real estate partner!” Mark & Audra J.

We interviewed 4 Alameda Realtors to sell our house on the East End and we chose Becky because we felt most aligned with her and her service offering. We had a unique situation and we needed an agent that would take a creative approach to helping us achieve our goal. Other agents told us that we should invest 10’s of thousands of dollars into prepping the house for market. Becky and her team committed to helping us find the “sweet spot” where we invested just enough money into specific updates to our property to hit our sales price goal. Together, we built a strategic plan and we executed it efficiently and, ultimately, effectively. Becky matched us up with a buyer off-market while we lived in our house and she negotiated with their agent on our behalf to find the win-win with the buyer. Becky stays calm when there are challenges and she keeps the vibe positive. Our proceeds were maximized with her strategy and we had a great experience in working with her and her team.” —Andy & Michelle J.

I went to High School with Becky and we had only been connected through social media for several years. We reconnected when my husband and I reached out to her to discuss selling our house. We had lived in the house for 2 years and had done several structural upgrades as we planned to stay for many years, but when my husband got the job opportunity of a lifetime across the country, our plans changed. We had another realtor give us an estimate of value that was under what we had paid for it. Becky had a different opinion of value and made recommendations for specific property enhancements and a way to highlight the upgrades we had done that she believed would help us to achieve our goal.

We handed Becky and her team the keys and we moved across the country. We trusted that they would make it happen for us. Becky took the time to explain things to us as we went through the process and keep us in the loop every step of the way. They stayed within the budget they committed to and it all went according to plan. We were only on the market for 5 days and we got 4 offers. Becky negotiated on our behalf and we hit our goal!

Escrow was smooth until one day when our security alarm was triggered because of a door opening in the dining room. We called Becky and she got to the house quickly, connected with the police to ensure all was well with the house, and kept us up-to-date the whole time. It was a false alarm, thankfully, but it was nice to know that we could count on Becky even when the going got tough.” —Jason & Jessica S.

We were referred to Becky by a friend of ours and we immediately hit it off. We were excited about our next chapter and Becky took us to look at several homes and was happy to do it each time we asked. She keeps a close eye on the “off-market” homes and when she saw one pop up that looked like a good fit for us, she got us in an hour later and we submitted an offer that night. Another party got an offer in as well so we were nervous and asked Becky if we should raise our offer by $50,000 to make sure we got the house. She advised us to hold tight with our current offer and not ‘bid against ourselves’. We took her advice and we later got the news that our offer had been accepted!” —Kelly & John M, First time Homebuyers

We were referred to Becky by a work colleague who had done 2 transactions with her in the past. We decided to list our home with Becky after having her over to discuss a plan on how we might sell our house for top dollar while we still lived there with our 3 young kids. Becky told us that she knew how to make it happen and we trusted her>. It all happened fast and with very little inconvenience to our family. She and her team swooped in and moved things around and got our place ready for photos, we agreed on a pricing strategy, and we went on the “off-market.” Becky said she would qualify the buyers and save us from the “lookie-loos.” After just 3 showings at our house, Becky negotiated on our behalf and in 9 days we were in contract for the highest sale price our neighborhood had ever seen. Escrow was seamless and we had a great experience with Becky and her team. Becky is creative, energetic, and strategic and even though we have moved out of town, she’s our go-to real estate expert if we ever need advice in the future.” —Joe & Lindsay W.

Becky knocked on our door one day to introduce herself and tell us that she knew someone that may want to purchase our house. At that time, we weren’t considering selling. Becky kept in touch though and she grew on us. Once we were ready to sell we called Becky up and though her buyer had moved on, we knew how tenacious she was so we trusted that she could sell our property for top dollar. Our property was different and better than the surrounding “comparable” properties so we relied on Becky’s strategy to highlight those upgrades and to get us to our lofty goal. Becky and her team made recommendations about slight property enhancements and then helped us to “stay stage” so that we could use our own furnishings in the right way to get beautiful photos. We implemented Becky’s strategy and she brought us a buyer. She represented us as well as the buyer with both of our interests in mind and found the win-win. We hit our pricing goal and it all happened with ease. She makes the stars align for buyers and sellers. Becky was professional, communicative, helpful, and fun to work with. We would now call her a friend. All from a stranger knocking on our door.” —Steve & Mona Lisa B.

I called Becky when I saw that she had a listing across the street from me for a house that was single level. I had known that I needed to move to a place without stairs for a while, but couldn’t bear the thought of leaving my community of neighbors. This house was perfect, but it felt like it would be impossible to make it happen. I met with Becky and she told me that she had a creative idea on how to make it work. She described an idea and a timeline that would be a win-win for me and for the seller. It sounded too good to be true. It was complex in that it involved a contingent offer and selling my current house while I lived in it. She wrote out a plan and calendar. She printed it out for me and we executed the plan. There were a few challenges and Becky helped me work through them with ease. I told Becky that she’s a “real problem solver.” We only showed my house to 1 person and she wrote an offer on it. The stars all aligned and 60 days after I met Becky I was all moved into my new home across the street. It felt like a miracle and I am so happy.” —Lyn R.

I think that you and I navigated our relationship with each other amazingly well given multiple challenges. Through it all we did not have a single moment of dispute and always came through everything with our love and respect for each other intact and stronger than ever. This feels like a miracle to me and I credit you with much of it.  Your ability to listen compassionately and to let be with difficult feelings and then to take empowered action is unparalleled. You are a rare being among realtors. You gave me great respect and acted with honorable integrity consistently advocating for my wishes and desires without imposing any “agenda” of your own. I would venture to say that you goals were always win win, collaboration, cooperation, love, honor, respect and serve. You have been generous beyond anything that I could have imagined. I bow deeply and humbly to you in profound gratitude.”

I want to thank you for the successful sale of my parent’s home! I personally found working with you very easy. You were extremely responsive, positive, transparent and caring. I also really appreciated your follow-through to make sure things were progressing. I knew you always had my parent’s best interest in mind and we are all thrilled with the result! In appreciation!” —Scott B

We were living in San Francisco and looking for a place in the East Bay. We connected with Becky Cusack and she was able to help us to identify a neighborhood that would suit our growing family. Becky had a great understanding of what we were looking for so she was able to scout out properties for us so we didn’t have to keep driving over. She identified a property and an opportunity and we were able to get into contract with a pre-emptive offer on a great house! Becky was an advocate for us and helped us to navigate the contingencies and the negotiation throughout the escrow. She even helped us with finding a pre-school for our daughter. Becky was professional and caring and we are thrilled in our new home!” —Brion & Brianna

The Cusack Group held my hand every step of the way. I was able to tend to my toddler and newborn while the team shouldered the burden of the many details involved in selling my 100 year old home. Their knowledge, professionalism, strategy and attention to detail made for an extremely smooth transition I would never have dreamed possible.”
—Heather J.

Our experience in buying our new home, while simultaneously selling our old home, could not have gone smoother. This was all due to Becky’s guidance and support. She was always available to answer our questions, she listened to our desires and to our worries, and she held our hands through the entire process. With her knowledge of the real estate market, her connections in the community, and her positive attitude, Becky exceeded our expectations. We have recommended her to all of our friends. Becky is a real estate rockstar!”
—Sarah B.

Becky understood perfectly what the ideal home was for me and got it 100% right on the first try. Becky coached me through the home buying process efficiently and painlessly. She has expert knowledge of the market you can trust.” —Laura E.

Becky is not only knowledgeable, professional, and attentive to every detail, she is also funny, charismatic, and an all-around good person. As this was our first home purchase in the Bay Area, she provided us with expertise and insight on the local market that proved to be invaluable. It was such a pleasure working with Becky – we can’t recommend her enough!”
—Crystal H.

We had very specific criteria for the home in Alameda we could consider a ‘forever’ house. Becky really took time to understand the needs of our family and supported us for over two years on our journey to find our dream house. She was constantly on the lookout for our future home on our behalf. Throughout the entire process she was kind, patient, and gave us amazing insights into the market to help us move quickly on important decisions. We couldn’t be happier with how our search ended and we owe it all to Becky!”
—Rachael & Brandon C.

We had a complicated situation trying to line up a home sale and a home purchase. Becky made a plan early on, provided a timeline, and executed the plan perfectly. She was communicative, extremely knowledgeable, and saw our goals through to a successful completion. With her deep understanding of market dynamics and her vast network of quality resources, Becky expertly guided us in strategizing how best to market and showcase our house for sale. Becky and her team kept us very well-informed, always made time for us despite time-zone differences, provided detailed information and thoughtful options whenever we needed to make decisions, and always acted with the highest of integrity and professionalism. Becky has a keen eye for detail and the aesthetic, and the photographs and marketing of our house was tasteful and beautiful. She is also an exceptional negotiator, and in the end, Becky got us an offer that worked really well for us. We would definitely use Becky Cusack again for our future real estate needs, and recommend Becky and the entire Cusack Group without hesitation.” —Chris P.

Becky found a house for our family off-market through a mailer that she sent out. She helped us with constructing a creative offer that met the needs of the seller, without compromising our financial limit. Then we passed along the keys to our old house and trusted that Becky would prep it in a way that would get us top dollar. We sold it at a record-breaking number that far exceeded our expectations. We recommended her to our dear friends and she was able to help them achieve their goals for buying and selling as well. Becky demonstrated a creative and savvy approach to a complex real estate market and we would recommend that anyone thinking of buying or selling a home connect with Becky to discuss their goals!” —Shannon O.

Becky strategically got us into contract on the perfect place in the Gold Coast of Alameda. We had been looking for something specific for a while and once it popped up we toured, wrote an offer, and had it accepted that day. She wrote the offer while sitting on the front porch of the house while we toured because she said timing was of the essence. It was complex because there weren’t any inspections or disclosures on the property, but Becky knew what to do to fill in all the blanks and made it easy for us and also for the sellers. Becky is awesome!—Sara & Vic

When we decided to sell our house on the East End of Alameda, Becky was the first person we thought of to call. We told her what our goal was and she laid out a multi-level plan for us. It was complex because we were moving out of the country and waiting for our visas to come—we didn’t want to sell if we didn’t get the visas. Becky said that she knew how to navigate it and ensure that we were protected. She also said that she thought we could hit our goal without moving out or staging, and that if we did some minor updates and brought Brandy Graham in to “stay stage” it, we would be ready to show the house. We showed the house to just a few people and then Becky brought us an offer from one of her buyer clients. She wrote the contracts so that both sides were protected and comfortable. There was some negotiating to do along the way, but Becky handled it all beautifully and was always available and super responsive. We were trusting that all would go smoothly and it did! We hit our goal, got our visas and closed on-time! Thank you again for everything Becky!!”
—Zac & Bella

We were referred to Becky by friends of ours who had worked with her. We saw a few houses with her and she said she had a good grasp on what we wanted. We mentioned to her that we would really like to be on this one particular street in Alameda and serendipitously, Becky got a new listing on that street a few days later. We were able to purchase the house “off-market” with Becky representing both us and the seller. We felt she had our backs the whole way through even though we knew she was representing both sides. It was complex as there were contingencies involved and Becky communicated with us, told us what to expect, and cared about us the whole way through. We bought one of the best houses on the street so comps were hard to come by and Becky warned us that an appraisal might come back lower than our purchase price and we would have to make up the difference in cash, which we were prepared for. Becky created a detailed report for our appraiser with comps and how exactly our property was different as well as neighborhood analysis and photos and walked the appraiser through the house herself to make sure we had the best shot. Our appraisal came back at the exact purchase price and we were thrilled! We now live in a great house exactly where we wanted to be and we know that we have a life-long real estate partner in Becky.” —Larry & Pei W.

I met with Becky to discuss my options for selling my house while I still lived there and we immediately hit it off. I was impressed with her business acumen and knew she would be a good fit for helping me to achieve my goal. She and I came up with a plan, got my house ready (with Brandy Graham’s help) and ended up selling the house off-market after showing it to only 1 person. When we got an offer before we had done all of the disclosures, Becky constructed a plan to protect my interests and it worked! We had to do some negotiating with the buyer along the way and Becky did a great job representing me. It was an intense process for me, but Becky always said, “I’ve got your back,” and she really did, all the way through. Becky was a true partner to me and she became a friend along the way as well.—Francesca

We interviewed several realtors but we chose Becky and her team because we saw a depth and breadth of collective competence unmatched with anyone else. We felt they could make it EASY for us to navigate the sale.  We set a lofty financial goal, and Becky was confident she could get us there. She set up a timeline and plan and executed it perfectly. As promised, Brandy Graham, from Becky’s team, came and moved our furniture and art around and brought in some of her own furniture and decor to get the place photo ready. The pictures were so good that we fell in love with our own house all over again. We were only on the market for 4 days and received an astounding 22 offers on the house. Becky and her team navigated the offers beautifully and our conversation about the offers took only 15 minutes before we knew what we were going to do. She knows how to communicate effectively and work efficiently. She gave us options and made recommendations and let us make all the decisions. She made it EASY and JOYFUL the whole way through—just as I had hoped for AND we ended up selling for more than $250,000 higher than the lofty goal we set!” Alice R., Seller 2021

Of all the real estate transaction I’ve ever done, you and your team are the most professional, and a pleasure to work with.” Lew B., Seller 2021

We had an incredibly positive experience with Becky from day one and throughout our home sale process. It was a complicated situation given it was mid-2020 with Covid restrictions and also because we moved out of state in the middle of the process. We handed Becky the keys and left Alameda prior to our house being listed, but she was in constant contact with us and things couldn’t have gone more smoothly.

Becky has tremendous knowledge, a vast network, and was spot on strategically, advising us on certain updates to our home that in the end looked fantastic, and also by having us reevaluate pricing just before going on the market. She recommended that we change our pricing approach and go on the market with “transparent pricing” and list the home at a price that was higher than any other home in our neighborhood had ever sold for historically. The result was after just 9 days on the market we had a full-price, non-contingent offer and sold our property for a record-breaking price for our area. Dan & Teri W.